Love Barbara Mori is already the owner, he will not be able to believe in it, who is it!

United States.- Singer Rosalia surprised this Tuesday, July 07, more than 11 million followers on the social network Instagram. This time has not been announced, and the premiere of the music nor cooperation. This time broke the Internet put infartante video, which came out dancing and move those hips like no other. Quickly your name and choreography trends, creating thousands of reactions for 2 hours to be released video.

Wear pants in blue color, t-shirt style crop top with long sleeves. In addition, points are rectangular and two braids on the sides, On Anna left us breath, after demonstrating their ability to dance. Among the stars that have left several messages, he stressed, Lali Espósito, who’s rumored to join the Union together in the news Uncompromising In America News. And compliments from Naomi Campbell, Kourteny Kardashian and Kylie Jenner met very often in the last days.

While fans were impressed with the sensual and strong movements of the Catalan 26, in Instagram. In posteo ” has garnered over 3 million views and 12 thousand comments. “It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”, And “Rosalia” is unique as usual”, “I love you, Anna”, “How I wish I could dance like you,” On “time for 100pre”, “I like that I admire” was part of the flattery that he received a diva.

Rosalia has prompts

In a friendly conversation with 40 of the Largest in Spain, the singer, was born in Brazil Anitta he acknowledged that no one saw coming: “I would give the finger to sing with her. I love, I’m a fan. He always talked to her. I think it would be nothing surprising in this, working with her (…) brings the world of Spanish culture, and it makes the people around him for it; I’m trying to do the same with things from Brazil. I see similarities in their wanting to show our culture.”

“I Love Rosalia. I have a ‘crhus” with her.” It was a statement Katy Perry about who admires Spain for a long time. But this story didn’t end there. Translator from Wrong and From the height, and decided to answer it with an honest message as a token of gratitude from Perry. “If we are to love,” replied diva.