Name Bad Bunny composer of the year and other notes, so that you forget the COVID-19

Today, the information is made more fun and friendly it is by a recognition of the Bad Bunny, the discovery of a new species of dinosaur in Coahuila and more.


Bad Bunny, Romeo Santos, and Daddy Yankee are among the winners of the Awards, the ASCAP Latin Music 2020.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP, for its acronym in English) it announced on Tuesday to the artists with the themes, the most widespread of the Latin music of the past year.

Bad Bunny was named songwriter of the year, Romeo Santos is a composer/artist of the year and ‘quiet’, Daddy Yankee with the snow, song of the year. Universal Music Publishing was recognized as publisher of the year and Kobalt Songs Music Publishing as a freelance editor of the year.

“The Latin-music – your music – is one of the most popular in the world. This is because his rhythms, his passion, honesty and deep love for their traditions, and the gift to speak through the barriers that all of us equally – no matter the language we speak,” said the President of ASCAP, Paul Williams in a statement.

Between this Tuesday and Thursday, ASCAP, the winners will celebrate at a ceremony to virtual, the musical performances and the participation of artists such as Marc Anthony, Descemer Bueno, Peter Hood, Desmond Child, Jhay Cortez, Darrell, Natalia Lafourcade, Lunay, 21st Floor, Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra, among others.


For 72 million years ago, in the desert in the Southeast of Coahuila, the remains of a new species of dinosaurs guarded: the paraxeni saurus Normalensis, expert claims.

“It’s a flesh-eating is a dinosaur, with very long legs, very similar to an ostrich, with a small head; something like the birds of prey,” he explained to The Financial Belinda Espinoza Chávez, curator of the Museum of paleontology of the Benemérita Escuela Normal de Coahuila.

“It was not a dinosaur racer, was heavier, and in fact, one of the most important features is that it had a fourth finger in her rear leg, known as the alux,” explains the specialist.

The Greek Paraxeni, meaning, strange-lizard, reptile, and Normalensis to honor the Normal of Coahuila, which is a Museum of paleontology. It is estimated that, measured between five and six meters long and two meters high, is one of the dinoqueinidos, a kind of ancestor of the dinosaurs that we know of.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.


To know if you have ever dreamed of, where they came from apparel and accessories of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl, or Jules Vaughn euphoria, or of any other character in any TV series, and until you think you have to buy, I’ve got news for you.

In Shop your TV, a Website created by a young woman by the name of Chloe in 2011You will find everything from dresses and swimsuits to necklaces, belts and bags, the Chapter in which they were used to get the designer or the shop that created it, as well as the links to the brands.

The platform has a menu, alphabetically so you can. the name of the series that you are looking for, and when you reach it, there is also a display of characters, the search is

For example, there is a blouse, Moschino used, the ‘Queen B’ of Gossip Girl wore in the series, both clothing as accessories of luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Elie Saab, among others.

Venice Film Festival

The show will continue at the film festival in Venice in September, but with some changes due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Organizers said Tuesday that they would move forward with their plans for the 77ma edition of the event, which is also a slightly reduced films in the main competition, as well as some features to the open-air and virtual.

The Director of the festival, Alberto Barbera, said in a statement that he was “very glad that the Biennale Film can be performed, with a minimum reduction of films and sections of painting,” and that “a significant number of Directors and actors will accompany the films on the Lido”.

It is still between 50 and 55 films in the official selection at 28. July and functions in areas of traditional in addition to two outdoor areas (in the Giardini della Biennale, and an ice rink in the Lido).

The festival takes in the section of the virtual reality of the internet, and in this year, the section omitted Sconfini, presented movies, the smaller, to accommodate more functions with the social distancing of the major productions in the competition. The actress Cate Blanchett will preside over the jury of the main competition.

With information from AP