Netflix forcing Hollywood

Platform Netflix beats Hollywood to the problems of racism that stood in the centre of the programming, which allows you to go to Mecca movie in the train, including minorities. Columnist for the New York Times Ben Smith said, the results that come with in the summer of 2015, when employees black Netflix presented a note to inform you that he loses public, black, boom, certain at this point, “Empire” on Fox and “Black-ish”on ABC.

“Notes claimed that Netflix was more its content in the British public that black Americans,” wrote Smith, while in 2015 was for the movie, however the key, due to the lack of nominations for actors and Actresses black on the Academy awards. This lack of nomination for Director Ava DuVernay for “Selma”, led to an emergency motion #OscarSoWhite.

“Hollywood moved to his regime later, it is foolish not to stay away. Now Netflix works, which was already a threat to the front, technologies and business models,” wrote Smith.

The results are visible for those who open platform video streaming: from 10 June, in the midst of the protests Black Lives Matter, after the death of George Floyd, the police officer is white Minneapolis, Netflix has put the family “BLM”, 56 screenings of films and documentaries, among them “From Five Bloods”, spike Lee. Also presented a mini-series Ava DuVernay, “When They See Us,” in five black boys wrongfully convicted for the rape of white women in Central Park, and a documentary film “the 13th”, the same Director, about the mass arrests of blacks in the United States.

“Netflix has a great collection of titles. Is the largest distributor of black images in the world,” said DuVernay, the streaming giant to produce a new series about excampeón National League American Football (NFL, for its acronym in English), Colin Kaepernick.

In 2015, only two millions of families of black Netflix subscription: 5% of the gross amount of interest that has since increased in line with demographic statistics. After a series of failures, to speed up the process at the level of the employees and contracts, including one from 2018, high profile with Higher Ground Productions, a manufacturer of Barack and Michelle