Paige VanZant-critique of wages, which makes in the UFC: “I Could have a permanent job and earn as much as”

Paige VanZant

In the face of that this could be his last fight in UFC, Paige VanZant took the opportunity to throw another dart in this promotion in respect of their wages.

Weight Flies returned after more than a year of downtime to measure the number fifteen in the rankings, Amanda Ribas (9 – 1, 3 – 0 in the octagon), in a match that will open Main Card in SOMETHING 251 this Saturday and that step the last fight of his contract with the organization.

An optimist with the idea to prove its value before peleadora as Ribas, VanZant revealed to be unhappy with your contract expires, providing that she can win, that’s some work.

“I feel that I put on myself,” said he ‘PVZ’ MMA Fighting. “You never know your worth, while you begin the test. I feel now more than ever, especially with the injuries that I have experienced that to be peleadora professional that is for me. What should I break my hand every day. I was, all the money that I earned in the UFC over the past few years, and could win the same, if I had a permanent job. I am grateful for everything the UFC has done for me, and the platform that they gave me. There is nothing against him. But the contract that I signed what I signed and I know what I should do”.

Since arriving in the UFC in 2014, peleadora was CPD record 5 – 3 with four goals and two bonuses (one for work, another for fight of the Night). However, at present, not better. He suffered three fractures in his right forearm and has lost three of his last five bouts, for which he was part.

Although native to Oregon, could try to extend him to a contract before you deal with Ribas, in peleadora from Team Quest ready to leave a good impression on Saturday to reach the best agreement with the highest shares.

“This is the last fight of my contract, and I want to be able to have the opportunity to leave the UFC in terms of” Here I am, good. I know that you didn’t see me fighting for the time that I fracturó a lot arm and that he has dedicated himself to doing other things, but I’m a good peleadora’. I feel that this is a fight that if I want to win, I can prove it”, he concluded.

251 UFC being celebrated this coming Saturday, July 11, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.