Rosalia and Kylie Jenner are piropean in Russian: “Because I think of you” | Big bang


Rosalia this is a more The Clan Of Kardashian-Jenner. The singer plunged headlong into the family, and each of the sisters, they accepted it as if it is part of it. Especially Kyliewith whom you have more regard all, or at least that’s what we are showing in social networks.

Kylie Jenner and Rosalia they became close friends envidadas recent times. Before the singer began to create ??? and Highest in the Roomwith Travis Scottthe rapper and model couple, they were inseparable. Yes, the last comment of the artist to his friend, he went crazy, all over the Internet.

The woman was to show a view, in an area surrounded by mountains and as a good specialist, missed me dozens of photos with a long braid and in front of the bed, in the fresh air to share with your followers. Rosaliathat is his number one fan, put in practice my skills as a Spanish teacher in one of his comments: “Why so lindaaaa miraaaa”to ensure that the hero got an interesting Instagram “because I think of you”. So, in Spanish. The answer, which is loved by all and have created dozens of memes on Twitter.

Besides, it’s not only that you learn Spanish language. In the beginning of the week was Breakfast with Courtney, which demonstrated their culinary skills.