Salvador Zerboni is responding to the controversy of Livia Brito for the alleged assault


Salvador Zerboni is responding to the controversy of Livia Brito (special /Instagram).

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Salvador Zerboni is responding to the controversy of Livia Brito (special /Instagram).

A few days ago Livia Brito was indicted for allegedly banged next to her boyfriend, Mariano Martinez, paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda You have photos on the beaches of Cancun. In the middle of the controversy, the actor Salvador Zerboni he responded to the controversy that involved his former partner and he mentioned that he knew a similar situation in the involved actress was The Pilots.

In an interview for the program First-hand, Salvador Zerboni, who was the partner Livia Britoads the allegations faced by the Cuban actress. The actor Abyss of passion he mentioned that the job of a paparazzi, who has to be respected.

“I wouldn’t say strange, but… well, it is unusual for my ex. I don’t know how their situation, what it was that triggered what happened, but the other day someone has something similar and asked me,” said Salvador Zerboni.

Later, the actor Salvador Zerboni he spoke of a friend who had Livia Britoafter the two actors decided to end their courtship.

“To me, went with this young, because I met him, now Said, has also told me that you had difficulties, and that the men. When I met him, I said: “it Comes to a guy like me, that we was suddenly explosive,” and for nothing a sweet cabr…, super tender, kind, decent. Then I said: ‘Or Zerboni or Told that they are bad, maybe she is the one that is wrong,” said the actor.

Zerboni remembers the controversial moment with Livia Brito

The actor spoke about an episode in which came out in the defense Livia Britoaccording to some people the respect is missing. He also added that the work of a photographer should be respected.

“It’s a struggle, it was at the time that was arranged and Yes, I had to lift the hand, because I lacked the respect (…) I give the face, and I don’t regret it. In any case, I think, to say that it is very implausible that wrong is what makes a paparazzi, because it is his job, to photos of a person who is a public person,” said Salvador Zerboni.

In addition, Salvador Zerboni he said that it is sad to see happen to the actress for this situation, but wanted to talk more about his relationship with Livia Brito.

“It is sad that something bad happened, because I don’t want to evil to no one (…) What also happened to me, in the time when he spoke, what he had to say, now I have nothing bad or good to say of it either,” said the actor.


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