Scorpio: Kendall Jenner shows what kind of character escorpiana

If you were born between October 23 and November 22, this means that Scorpio is your zodiac sign, and one of the biggest consequences to your personality is the eagerness for your personal life, but a lot of love to give.

It escorpianos that, as a rule, introverts, but the reason is that your head focused on his own thoughts than the other, so she can have this determination to go after what they want.

In General, the quality, the Scorpio woman is mysterious, which, becoming a mystery for all because, as a rule, not to talk about feelings and emotions. It can be very sexy for those who wish conquistarlas.

Sample all potential escorpiano is Kendall Jenner, who has gradually made a place in the elite in the modeling industry on a global level.

Scorpio Kendall Jenner. – Instagram

Unlike other members of his family, clan Kardashian, she keeps it controversial and not often to see her to talk about his personal life, much less loving, though a very attractive woman.

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The model was born 3 November over 24 years expressed in other opportunities that modesty, and to meet new people, brings you trouble, assured portal Mom Latin.

Scorpio Kendall Jenner. – Instagram

However, when he opens his heart in this Scorpio you have a lot of relatives and friends, because once you put your trust easily in others, that it is typical for this sign.

Loyalty must, of course, in all his dealings, which of course will be mutual, and never will be able to give up their independence. Mysterious, strong, passionate they are.

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