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United States.- The woman submitted on Twitter with anonymous accounts, for the alleged violation, which took place in 2014, but the singer Justin Bieber decided to refute this fact with some evidence.

It was Saturday evening, which was opened an incident occurred in the city of Austin, TexasMarch 9, 2014.

After accusing singer denied accusations that he insulted her with words and acts of a sexual woman by the name of ‘Daniel’.

“I don’t usually look at things, because I have a contract with accusations and casual throughout my career, but after talking with my wife and my team, decided to talk about that night,” Bieber wrote on his Twitter on Sunday evening.

“Rumors is rumors, but sexual violence is something I don’t agree,” he added. “I wanted to speak at once, but out of respect for the many victims that in order to cope with these problems every day, I just wanted to make sure to gather the facts before making statements.”

“In the past 24 hours, a new Twitter, which told the story of himself, is associated with sexual violence, March 9, 2014 in Austin, Texas, hotel Four Seasons. I want to be clear. There is no truth in this story. In fact, as I will soon show you what I’ve never been to this place,” said Bieber. “As he told his story, was surprised the crowd at Sxsw in Austin, where he appeared on the scene with my assistant in the work pane, mouse and sang some songs. The fact that this man did not know that I went to this show with my then girlfriend Selena Gomez. “

Bieber posted links to articles and photographs in social networks and screenshots of letters and influence in the city, for the relevant period.

He said that he did not remain in Four Seasonslocation, of course, the incident, but what happened the evening of 9 March 2014, Airbnb and 10 March 2014. in Westin.

“Every complaint of sexual violence should be taken very seriously, and so needed in my answer. However, this story is actually impossible, and therefore I will work with Twitter and authority to bring the case to court”, – he wrote Bieber.

However, after these statements, the other woman introduced its alleged history, which States that in 2015, was also damaged in the same young.

“I Think, Daniel. I, too, am a victim of sexual violence by Justin Bieber,” reads the publication to open multiple documents, which tells his story.

However, the canadian has not given to know their position in relation to this second assertion, however, a source close to the situation told ET magazine that this last accusation is not true, and say that this date was present at the Met Gala, and immediately flew to Los Angeles with Hailey Baldwin, and I didn’t stay in new York.

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