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A few days ago the designer Peruvian excelled in the news because she was cocky stars like Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Natti Natasha, Lil Kim, in particular, those who designed costumes for onstage. It looks very nice, but can you imagine how hard it was for chalaco Aug Manzanares to come to a foreign country and achieve success that is today?

Estudiaste graphic design of advertising, but not ejerciste. If you want to be a fashion designer?

When I finished school, I had to see a career related to art or creativity, at that time fashion was not so great. Besides, I couldn’t see very well that the guy working in fashion design, there was a lot of superstition and my dad, we decided, what is graphic design and I studied at the Peruvian Institute of Advertising.

Gonzalo Manzanarez, designer stars. (Starts Trome)

Was it difficult to come to a foreign country and start all over again?

My mom and brother were already in the United States, it was not easy to leave all this behind, to leave your people, your food, your habits and part of the family. Language was a barrier in the beginning, that cuts you a little, but I tried to configure everything I could.

What was the first thing I did after arriving in the United States?

It was hard to work on what I studied, so I worked in a boutique as a warehouse Manager clothing and Slippers. Over time, one annoying, not to show his career, and I talked to the owners to do something more creative and artistic to their brand in their stores and allow me to do it. They grow from 9 area 3 that was, but came the economic crisis around the world, and how many have closed their shops, with experience, won in this visual was trying to see the field more, and I had the opportunity to enter into Forever21.

If you are interested in fashion?

In Forever 21 I have met many people who love fashion, moved to new York, where I saw in the stores, these brands are well-known designers, which could not see in my country, I was inspired by hand and grew a passion in me to do with fashion.

Then you do the little things. Like the fact that people found out about what you did?

I made a lot of friends who were stylings (designers) and photographers, I came into this world, I began to make my campaign and I tried to imitate the images from designers such as McQueen and Dior, and I noticed in the doll. A friend told me that you’re doing the collection, and it was a big step.

As you will be able to contact you known?

The first collection, which I did, it was dark, well Gothic, and then rose and other works in Instagram. There I saw the style of Jennifer Lopez was one of the stars who have used my work, and this was a step in my career.

You need to keep in mind to get?

I was doing different things, the same stylings, is required in cooperation with the artists and trying to get all the projects that came up on my Gmail and on my Instagram to attract followers, because it is very important.

Have you ever thought to become a great designer?

No, because when you go to another country, I don’t know what to do, my mom worked to raise children, my brother in the boutique, we stayed in a room to the house. For immigrants, the efforts and courage are all part of one, because not everyone can go through it and start from scratch.

What are the things you should keep in mind young people who want to be designers?

Tried to put all the projects on the field of battle, they will know if they will win the war. You need to get rich, and all that the Internet gives us, posteen your work, because someone will see. Peru is a very creative and where you’re going, you’re going to allocate, say that creativity is the mind to relax.

You have the original model that will engage, what’s the difference?

I try to be as accurate as possible, maybe in addition, all these artists want to look like a star to be in a world of illusions and fantasies. What I want is feeling, I decided to do something that I like, and people understand that your work speaks for itself.

What is the meaning of the person who you most attracted the attention?

I was especially fascinated by Talia, I went home and saw how she is without makeup. The experience that I never thought to live, could not imagine that she likes my work and that it will be my home. If you have a project, email me.

Some kind of creature, prepared in Peru?

Suit KARDi Bi is the cause of Peruvian beads, she loved him.

Do something about the parade in Peru?

I’m dying to parade, it would be a dream come true. Back home, see my friends, I would like, I would like to make the collection more useful to the people and give it to Peru, this will be my next step.


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