The balance – on Wednesday, the 8. July 2020: see the preparation of the conditions for an unforeseen travel | horoscopes Libra

News astrological: This Wednesday, the moon in transit is in Aquarius, approaching the sign of Pisces, and we have a vibration in the number 1 from the beginning. This is the result of the addition of the presence (8) month (7), and year (2020=4), and therefore 8+7+4=19, 9+1=10, 1+0=1. This has a great relevance, since it is in a Phase of change, of adaptation, but of the beginnings. Remember that every morning when we Wake up is a new beginning, and we must use it, because it is a new opportunity that life gives us, to correct what we did wrong and what we have done. The planets mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto and the asteroids, Ceres continues to decline.

Attention, librano, not do anything, because don ‘ want to T, take on adventure from your options. In love, if you are single or unmarried, do not worry, because your time is displayed, who really suits you and is worth it.

An interesting exchange of ideas with a friend who knows that a lot of your trade are encouraged to take an interest in their economic activities. As a result of this conversation, you decide to start a business start on their own account, which will give you income in a short period of time.

It is in your life in the energy of your ruling planet!



You need to relationships, patience and calm to deal with relatives of politicians who try to tell you in their lives, how they should live their romantic, what you like and don’t like. Diplomatically responds, as a pound, but with strength.


The energy that the moon gives you an extra dose of willpower, which will be very useful, if you end up with a habit of harmful in your life. Now you can stop Smoking, if you. You get it, ¡Adelante!


The tone that is enthusiastic around you fills all your daily activities and in these days, you will feel satisfied with your work. There is a possibility of a short trip in the first week of the month of April, and maybe today, you will get a good news.

You know, horoscope, Gypsy and find out which character you are


Money and assets

A friend gives you a suggestion very useful. Analyze them, because your experience can be very useful if you have recently started a business on their own account or import for the purchase and sale of items and to export.

Biorhythm astral today

Level of sexual energy on this Wednesday: middle school.
Dynamic cosmic, which you should use: a common social or a random event that will make you clearly see what is most convenient for you.
A dangerous trend today, Wednesday, in your sign, Libra, on something that has not yet arrived, to dream.
What should I avoid?: to reach the trends, and change my mind quickly, without each page.

Before that, the couple say for today, Wednesday

The best of today: this Wednesday, things work very well for you, if your partner is Aquarius, and Gemini. A good compatibility with Sagittarius could.
The relationship is always tense: avoid clashes with the natives of Capricorn.
Your current tolerability: the tolerability is generally good, but the best part will be, the signs of their own element to the entire Aquarium.
If you are single, or single: you can quickly find yourself in a dilemma, of being of a person or other.