The form of dancing Chona in Spain, which angered a lot of Mexicans

The choreography made-in-TikTok. Photo: screen capture

The choreography made-in-TikTok. Photo: screen capture


While dancing it is, Chona it is a song, collect all the Mexicans us out of our seats because they really enjoy it.

This is a Problem of The toucans of Tijuana so we dance very funny with a quebradita.

In the last days of this song a trend for a reason offended hundreds of internet users.

It turns out that TikTok it is a video that shows three young bailándola with a style that we know very different to the.

With choreography, executed perfectly far from quebraditathe video of this new dance of “La Chona’ is get viral, but the reactions of the users of social networks were not for something positive.

“If you chona dancing at a party as well, I’m from the ma… 1. Warning,” wrote one user Twitter.

The Creator of this choreography are: Emilio Martinez and Ivan Martinez, better known as the ‘Martinez Twins”two twins Catalans living in California and has his own music channel on YouTube.

Apparently, ‘Chona” is incocable for many Mexicans and how we can do that! if these gave us not only the longing and the national identity.

But always we are left with your original version.



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