“The potential of the United States and Mexico has no borders”: the most important records of the meeting Trump-AMLO

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

On Wednesday, May 8. July, in the rose garden of the White house, the President of the Mexico and United States Of America under the joint Declaration between the two countries signed and issued his first proclamation.

In the Declaration, you enter the details of the bilateral relations between the Mexico, USA and Canada The purpose of the new trade agreement TMEC.

The potential of the United States and Mexico has no limits, “said Donald Trump, in his speech before the signature of the two presidents.

“Today, we celebrate the historic victory of the free trade agreement between Mexico, USA and Canada. The trade agreement is more important. The most important“the President said.

This agreement will expand the creation of jobs“he said. “It is a historic moment in the United States and Mexico should be proud of. We are committed to the friendship between the two countries“, He concluded.

REUTERS/Tom Brenner
REUTERS/Tom Brenner

For his part, López Obrador, the session is held and declared that they secured this agreement, “it provides a great power to the benefit of the three Nations and our peoples“.

North America is one of the most important economic regions of the planet, but our region is deficient in terms of trade“, said the representatives of the Aztecs. “We maintain a deficit that results in leakage of foreign exchange, lower business opportunities and the loss of jobs“.

The agreement aims to reverse this imbalance through a better integration of our economies and improvements in the operation of chains of production“.

With respect to migrants living in the United States, said that “it’s a community of good people, and the work has much contributed to the development of this great nation“.

Although he also claimed that “there are grievances, which are not yet forgotten, but we also need to establish agreements of cooperation and coexistence“.

We are United, but by the geographic proximity of different links to the economic, social, cultural, and friendship“said lopez OBRADOR.

Some thought that our differences in ideologies that we go to, is the confrontation, but fortunately, that wish was not fulfilled, “he said.

“AMLO, you are Not alone!”


The working visit of Lopez Obrador from Washington has provoked the reactions are divided. In the framework of the meeting with his counterpart, Donald Trump, the show of support and encouragement have been constant, but have also been combined with criticism and claims by her critics in the United States.

In the vicinity of the statue of Benito Juarez, where the Mexican President, a wreath, gathered several people to make clear their position vis a vis the Mexican government. Some chanted “It’s an honor to be with Obrador!”, in addition to waving their flags of Mexico and banners in support of the project, which has been called by the President, the Fourth Transformation.

In the same place, the supporters of the chief Executive, which was guarded by an escort of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, She also sang the Mexican national anthem and threw out phrases such as “You are not alone!“on several occasions.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in front of the Lincoln memorial on Wednesday in Washington (photo: EFE)

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in front of the Lincoln memorial on Wednesday in Washington (photo: EFE)

The Central objective of the visit was the celebration of the recent entry into force of the Treaty Mexico-Usa-Canada (T-MEC) and to the strengthening of the strategic partnership between the two Nations, but the White house is planned to increase to be a hot topic for trump before the election: the immigration.

The International Finance Corporation for the development of the United States pledged US $ 2 billion investment in the growth of the private sector and the creation of jobs, as well as a thousand million El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which provided its citizens the greatest number of migrants, They stopped at the southern border in the year 2019.

In the evening there will be a work of the leadership of two presidents, with the participation of its delegation and managing Director of the two countries.food

Between the Mexican entrepreneur, the sense of this meeting Ricardo are Salinas Pliego (Grupo Salinas), Carlos Hank González (Grupo Financiero Banorte), Bernardo Gomez (Televisa group), Olegario Vázquez Aldir (Grupo Empresarial Angeles), and Daniel Chavez (Grupo Vidanta).


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