These stars more followers on Instagram


@instagram Followers: 103m So, one can read: Instagram. Instagram is a private account on Instagram and, as you might expect, who is the head of the list the largest number of followers in their social network (it should be infinite duplication). Although technically it doesn’t produce new content every day publishes photos of an infinite number of users, which is its network. This makes it a great choice for business of different offers everyday.

@taylorswift Followers: 49.5 m Taylor swift not only gave himself negársela in Spotify and Apple’s beat Music on the feet, it seems that the world in which his name was not mentioned, at least ten times during the day, it was very sunken in the past, along with Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. One can not be surprised, therefore, to find his account in the head of the list. It seems that the days that Kanye West crack in the middle of his speech in full translation is gone, not to return.

@ @ kimkardashian Followers: 48 We don’t know if there is a photo with Kanye, or thousands of portraits of his daughter (the name apellida North and West), or your books, magazines, makeup, or Christmas with her sister, or amazing selfies on your account, which can be enough to publish a book…. The fact that, apparently in the middle of this year. In the end, we can’t say exactly what it is, but something at the expense of the Queen Kardashian is so popular and addictive, like a reality show that threw fame.

@beyonce Followers: 47.2 Account Creator hymn, mostly single women in the world are found in the head of this list since the beginning of the network. Your photo collage, consisting of essays, presentations, family days, family-friendly, around the world, and campaigns in which the singer regularly participates as a leader. Undoubtedly, Beyonce is the fate of King Midas, who makes everything you touch turned to gold… or in this case followers.

@selenagomez Followers: 45.9 m Was a Disney star and ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, and today has Instagram account with the highest growth during the day believers are on average more than 90 thousand a day. Red carpets, concerts, magazine covers, photos, selfies, partying with friends, trips with friends, dinner with friends, polaroids with friends… Selena Gomez-that is, all except friends.

@arianagrande Followers: 44.6 m The young singer took very little to penetrate to this list, and stayed there ever since. Log in to your account how to open doors in the world of a teenager, American standard: selfies, afternoon shopping, evening with friends, new shoes, birthdays, portraits of their dogs… everything you can imagine and even more.

@justinbieber Followers: 40.2 m If not, it became clear that Justin Bieber is quite a long time to be Justin Bieber, your Instagram account makes you ask, recordártelo in every post. Among his publications can be found, giving an incentive for Mayweather in the last fight, sipping a beer, at some music festival or sporting a new tattoo while surfea on some beach in California.

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