??? Tokers indicate low quality makeup Kendall x Kylie Cosmetics

Kendall x Kylie collection Cosmetics makeup
Kendall x Kylie collection Kylie Cosmetics.

Collection Kendall x Kylie Cosmetics surrounded by dispute. First complaint on poor working conditions at the plant that production in Bangladesh, and after that, Jenner appeared to refute. But, basically, in social networks already do not believe. Now ??? Tokers are doing Unpacking the collection and show of bad makeup. You create the map.

One ??? Tokers got up on the recall kit Kendall x Kylie. “This palette is literally more than a girl, what’s the letter that came. Seen as a vacuum that comes this product and see that the vacuum that comes with this product. $ 150guys,” – explains in the video, which shows the lip gloss and lipstick is almost empty.

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Another ??? Toker, Natalie, had the same complaint. “I spent 155 dollars in this collection, and I am very disappointed. I opened a set of lips all dry and empty as an air bag. But the worst of it. Not used, and it seems that someone has already used, there is a gap, what is it? This is Pete as if he“.

@nattyz33The collection is pretty dry Country but lipstick empty jar and 10% of gloss for $155? ##kyliexkendall ##kyliejenner ##palette ##makeup ##Kaili ##eyeshadow♬ original sound – nattyz33

The reviews in the app show low quality products. All agree that come empty, and that the amount of brilliance, even before it reaches the bottom of the container. As if he meant to spend less product.

@Natalie.tiagoidk if that’s how lip gloss is it’s supposed to look like but 👀 ##kyliecosmetics ##kyliexkendall ##BeautyReview ##kyliejenner♬ original sound – lorenavalle1

Other users in Tik Tok explain what their products were also damaged. In fact, indicate that the shadows from the palette came strips.

Kendall x Kylie collection Cosmetics makeup
Tik Tok.

The other complaint is that the high price they pay, should not have such faults. One ??? Toker compare that palette Kendall x Kylie is 42$. has 15 colors, compared to Morphe, which has 18 colors and costs $ 18.

With hashtags #KylieCosmetics and #KyliexKendall show the poor condition of the makeup of the collaboration between Kendall and Brenda your sister. Of course, “Sister sister” is a bad investment.

In fact, Kenny was the only Kardashians that is not enough interaction with the online makeup. And now we see that the result can be very good.