Tour of AMLO in the United States, among fans, and some of the protests

“Welcome to President of the United States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Harangue, with which the Mexican head of state was received at the memorial for Abraham Lincoln, of the of a group of country people, the gifts of welcome to the United States.

And is that, when you hear the howl of the sirens of the police cars and the truck convoy, the Secret Service, and the emotion was in this emblematic place.
Before the rise on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, the chief turned around and saw to his followers, he stopped his step, he crossed his arms and sent them “hugging distance”.

-“!We will not fail!”, he called to his step.

Gabriela, together with her daughter and nephew drove 8 hours from Indianapolis, but says that she is effort.

“I’m happy to do it, is not a burden,” says the woman, a native of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, the past two decades, your country left to work in the American union.
The President decided at the beginning of his official visit to the work by the payment of a tribute to President Lincoln, the forerunner of the abolition of slavery, but also in the memorial to the man, is one of the most important figures not only of his government but of his life as a civil servant.

At the time of the President of Mexico Benito Juarez Garcia was concentrated a greater number of civilians, about 200, but also a smaller group of 10 people, the slogans against the President.

As President, López Obrador mounted a guard of honour before the President of the Mexicans who admired the most, where he was accompanied by elements of the army and of the Navy of Mexico.

Before he pulls back, the contractor shall be watching you for a few seconds, the image of the meritorious of the Americas, while the calls of his followers, said: “!We will not fail! !We will not fail!”.

After the singing of the national anthem, visibly pleased the agent of the in the direction of the truck shields provided by the secret service, whose agents are not lost, the movement of each of the President and the protesters.

The back of the place, the small group began to shout slogans against the Mexican head of state, there were a number of crowds, but the followers of the Fourth Transformation of the were in number, with sticks and slogans.

“We go to the White house,” shouted one of them while in cars, taxis or to walk their way into the official residence of the President of the United States.
The previous minutes of the first is as good as life meeting between the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, scheduled for 14:00 local time in the White house…