Trends: Billy Eilish is almost therapy, his obsession with Justin Bieber | EN

Billy Eilish he said that early in his career that he is a big fan Justin Bieber and that during his maturation was his fourth full poster session singer in Canada. In 2018 at the Coachella festival, and since then they became good friends, and he recorded a Remix of “Bad Guy”, one of the successes of Eilish.

However, parents of the singer the United States has shown, the stressful moments that went through “obsession” with Eilish Bieber. In the podcast section “Me & Dad To The Radio”Maggie and Patrick, the parents of the stars, said that Eilish came to fight with them because of the love that in some point was in Canada. Made, which is believed to be to undergo therapy.

Especially like the song “As long As You Love me”, which has repeatedly said in the house. “I remember very well this movie, and worry, because it was Justin. I just cried and cried.”, he admitted. Immediately, Eilish interrupted the interview because he believes it confuses parents.

Maggie also noted that winner of several Grammy awards and was a huge fan of Marina and the Diamonds at the same time that he was “obsessed” with Bieber. However, before reaching the border, as in the case of the husband Hailey Baldwin.

It should be borne in mind that the interpreter “Wish you were gay,” said in an interview with James Corden, as was the time that I was Bieber. “During the weekend Coachella, I can only think, think, Justin Bieber’. I can’t handle it. I can’t, I have to do this show, and Bieber next to you,” is confirmed. After recording “Bad Guy”, both considered friends, and even cried to each other.


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