USA: Cardi B shows his face thinner, dress up as the daughter of a Cult

Cardi B it raperas the largest number of supporters in the world, and they reflected on his official Instagram account, a social network where the amount is more than 69 million followers. Everything says the singer received a lot of reactions and the latest publication is no exception.

This series of photographs, which translate “I like it” (” she starred with her daughter Culture. Both showed very much in front of the camera and even dressed the same.

Photo Cardi B together with her only daughter led to the fact that Internet users will be recited in the comments section, Instagram to flatter the stars to show your website more intimate.

“They look so cute, Yes, two peas in a pod”, “I like to see you in this dimension”, “Culture gives the site more gentle from Cardi B”, “they look really amazing”, “I love you” and “Mother and daughter forever”he could read the message.

Cardi B grew up in the Bronx, she was part of various street gangs, which led to the fact that in children and adolescents is extremely violent, even going to the risk of violence by one of their lovers. Currently, her daughter Culture children are completely different and enjoy the luxury of his famous mother.


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