What he said Anitta from Rozaliya raised doubts: “I would finger myself for her”


Spain.- Singer Of Brazil Anitta holds in the world of music sighing, for his talent and for your curves. Though his artistic career is short, has to its credit several cooperation luxury as David Bisbal, Maluma and Ozuna. Now the diva wants to climb to the top, to submit a project, I have a large large: Rosalia.

And it seems that the Rosalia, as it is called by fans, the stars of the time, and everyone wants to sing with him. What kind of tests? This week, Katy Perry admitted that in love with Catalonia”, so that the signals of possible cooperation fell from power. In addition, Harry styles, Adele and Lali Espósito and other stars that they are in line to move, maybe the Studio recording of the author From the height.

In the middle of an interview with top 40, Spain, translator at Bellaquita he admitted: “I’d give a thumb to sing with her. I love, I’m a fan. He always talked to her. I think it would be nothing surprising in this, to work with it”, – he stressed. The couple said, “She brings into the world of Spanish culture, and it makes the people around him for it; I’m trying to do the same with things from Brazil. I see similarities in their wanting to show our culture.”

Anitta wants Rosalia

As if this were some girls who dream big Anitta admitted that it intends to respect its valuable cooperation with the Spanish. “I talked to him one day to do the song as if it was fighting, dancing, everyone defends their culture, their kind of dance: one from Spain, another from Brazil. Was the fight good vibrates, of course.”

In addition, Anitta, who released the single I July 10, in the hands of Warner International put in a difficult situation in Rosalia, stating that: “it Would be nothing surprising in this. If she calls me what I’m doing now.” But it just does not come alone, the public is assured that he also has a hard drive that is boiling on a slow fire, and soon you will be ready to serve because many artists still relies on the creation of music during a pandemic in Covid-19.