What is pulse oximeter?Do I need it at home?

Larkin noted that patients with COVID-19, may experience a fall, dangerous, saturation, not to have breathing problems obvious. Without the pulse oximeter may never know whether it is possible to learn a lot, the feeling, despite the very low oxygen levels. So when you go to the hospital, difficulty breathing, oxygen levels will be significantly reduced and can lead to pneumonia, advanced COVID.

“They say that thoughts are clearly suffering,” said Larkin. “If the oxygen level dropped suddenly, these patients are unconscious, you will cramps or other diseases. It shows me that I’m on my period days, in that the level has dropped, good shape and not be noticed.”

It is possible that the home monitor to give a reading that is damaged or used incorrectly, forcing the patient to seek help when not needed. If you or someone in your home shows that reading is very small, you can use the device on healthy people to see what works well and discuss it with your doctor.

And video surveillance in the house should not give you a false sense of security. Don’t miss the physical symptoms, even if your oxygen levels are approx., you Must inform the doctor if you have severe shortness of breath, high fever, confusion or other symptoms associated. The advantage of observation is that the potential to report a decline in their health, breathing, and before you know. And if you feel really bad — like many patients COVID-19 feel in a few weeks— to check oxygen levels normal can ease some of the stress of the disease.

When Chang had a PC at home, he called his friends and told them that one at Target. “True words my friend, was: “consígueme Only one’,” said Chang. “This technology is quite simple.”

Poll monitors animals were various, but usually a few percentage points difference in accuracy. In the pharmacies you can find monitors between 20 and 50 dollars, while online $ 200 or more. To pay a higher price does not guarantee a better monitor.

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