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Is a 31-year-old detainee in its construction, and even known as” house Ghost Sussex“. This huge mansion, it’s even more than Buckingham Palace and it is assumed that the current value of the real estate market is $ 50 million.

Located in East Sussex, England, this huge fortress has been converted into an attractive for tourism, as well as their internal dark and a huge plot puts the sweet skin of everyone who is coming.

This wonderful property is the owner Nicholas Van Hoogstratenwhich still gave no signal that he wants to continue his project. Also known as the “Hamilton Palace”, started in 1985, and a millionaire, it took a lot of their assets and their children. See also: Historic castle in Devizes, Catherine of Aragon, sold well and can be yours!

According To “The Sun”, Van Hoogstraten he was known as a millionaire, the youngest of the UK. It is believed that currently has around 80 years old, and he spends most of his time in Zimbabwe, Africa. The other aspect of your life, who was a friend of the dictator Robert Mugabe, and in 1968 he was jailed for four years after to pay the gang to throw a grenade at the house of the enemy, commercial.

“I have almost all Sussex. This is one of the reasons that no one can tell me what to do. Don’t need to be good with someone,” said the businessman, for the People, and believes that his fortune amounts to $ 600 million.

Nicholas van Hoogstraten house Ghost Sussex, UK


In house Ghost Sussex it was built you plan to place a collection of works of art Nicholas Van Hoogstratenthat is stored currently in Switzerland, including the mausoleum. In front of dozens of critics of the inhabitants, a millionaire, he just said “Hamilton Palace is located far from destruction, was built to last for at least 2 thousand years. Forest only remains part of regular maintenance, is durable, what is property needed to complete”. See also: You know, a wonderful and beautiful residence in the Face Delevingne

In addition, he rejected the idea that property can be used for the homeless: “the poor, most of them on their own or because of laziness, but load the dirty pocket of society today. Opportunities, which gives them a chance to take Palace Hamilton is just ridiculous,” he said, according to “Daily Mail”.

Hoogstraten made his fortune as a slumlord in the UK. “Daily Mail” also revealed that the owner estate Sussex born in Bognor in 1946, when I was 11 years old, he began selling stamps to collectors is known. After, it turned out that he had already collected a stamp collection worth 30 thousand pounds sterling, and hired friends to steal brands at specialty stores. “When I was 14 years old, he began to wear a suit to go to school and excusaría classes to sit in an empty classroom, where to read the Financial Times and hold together the center.”

After back legal problems, it is believed that Hamilton Palace or “house of the spirits Sussex” refers to Messina Investments, led by the four eldest sons van Hoogstraten: Maximilian, 30, Alexander, 28, UK, 25, and Louis, 25, in accordance with the “Daily Mail”. “Maximilian (who her father said Maxi-million) is the son of rosemary Prouse, with whom he has a daughter, United Kingdom. Alexander Louis-is a Caroline Williams, was born in Nigeria. Orrie, Jr., son of Agnes, one examante used African heritage.

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