Woman caused to the bison; this is released after you

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A few days ago the news of the tragedy, which happened in the zoo of Zurich overcame. Now, a bison, a lady of 72 years, after being rammed for half an hour “approached within 3 meters of the animal to make a photo“in the Yellowstone National Park, reported the Website.

The woman visited originally from California, the Yellowstone National Park, United States of America. The day was calm, for you and your neighbors, the family of Larsen, who enjoyed the countryside in their camper, were witnesses of how two bison came to eat.

“The lady was very close and he was provoked the bison, which is repeated for half an hour,” said Jake Larsen on the TV WCCO-CBS Minnesota. For their part, Jenna Larsen said, to listen before the attitude of the woman, “was, on the bison issue sounds rare, and drawing air through the nose with force. You could see it coming, something bad.”

If the woman had the phone in hand to take a photo, the bison struck. The boy’s mother, Jodi Larsen, told the media that “with the first blow of the displaced as five meters in the air and left her briefly unconscious. To get it back on, repeated the “rush”.

Jordi Larsen commented that there is “no effect on all the vital organ”, because at this time of the incident, Larsen, the sister came a sick, to give support to the woman, 72 years of age. Later, he was transferred to the Idaho hospital. Yellowstone National Park reported that the incident is investigated.

The biologist’s most important wood bison in the park, Chris Geremia explained that the animal felt threatened by the convergence constant of the woman that caused the reaction is aggressive. Representatives of the Parks insist that the visitors not in the proximity of the animals, such as bison and elk to less than 22 meters. In the case of animals such as bears or wolves, ask them to keep a distance of at least 100 meters.