4 tips to achieve perfect eyebrows effortlessly

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Bushy eyebrows turned into mustin the world of beauty, so as to formulate our opinion and give it the style and chic.

Stars like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Dua Lipa, put on this style, and they have become a trend.

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If you want to have some eyebrows, no doubt you are in the place.

We will show you 4 codes that promise to give you a few eyebrows of a thick, symmetric, and defined in open and close eyes.

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#1 Makeup, best ally

No matter if you are using henna eyeliner or shadow to get the perfect eyebrows should choose makeup that will agree on the shade of your hair, the brighter and darker.

Determines a pencil of the same color and comb vellitos with cepillito. Charissa Ferreri recognized maquillista stars, it is recommended to use gel or wax to facilitate this process, and which retain a flawless appearance throughout the day.

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Still natural and not pintes frame so pronounced. Remember that the easier it is for your makeupyour brows should be more natural.

And, finally, removes excess product hyssop, and sealed with the spray. Thus, you can matting your appearance and remains unchanged for several hours.

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#2 symmetrical Eyebrows

To ensure that your eyebrows were strong, disparejas, you need to depiladas correctly.

If this is the first time you do this procedure, it is best acudas with the expert to help in their identification.

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Once the design fits the shape of your face, you can use it as a guide to remove excessive hair growth, explains Nicky Cayot, cosmetologist and expert in the field of eyebrows.

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#3. good hair

Tee Hudley, founder, beauty salon, Beauty Studio, Teen Suite, in new Jersey, says that the secret to effective hair removal to remove a minimal amount of body hair is possible.

In addition, they say that the best time to do it after a shower, because the pores are more open and hair removal is less painful.

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If you decide to use tweezers, wax, or other method, it is very important that you do, in the light of day. Use magnifying mirror and be sure to remove only vellitos that are outside of the arc.

Depilar starts from Wednesday forward and bring them out in the opposite direction of their growth, so as not to damage the skin.

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#4 the Mask for the eyebrows

When it comes to getting around the eyebrows nice and thick, there is no better way than to use masks from natural ingredients.

Blend five drops of rosemary oil with the other five of castor oil. Every night, after desmaquillarte treatment is applied on the eyebrows, giving light massage. Leave for 15 minutes and remove with warm water.

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Rosemary oil stimulates blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss, according to the website Cookist.

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On the other hand, Dr. Ilyse Instagram explains that castor oil is full of natural ingredients, such as prostaglandins, a set of substances lipĂ­dicas, which prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of healthy.

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Once you get a test of these recommendations, you will notice that the appearance of your eyebrows will improve dramatically your appearance looks more beautiful than ever.

Say goodbye to microblading and Hello friend symmetrical eyebrows, thick, full, style, will appear exits the beauty salon. You will see wonderful!


Do you know of other recommendations to have eyebrows as a result? Share your best tips in the comments.

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