A photo of Kim Kardashian that show the changes that has undergone his face


In socialite Kim Kardashian he showed that there were no taboos on the memory of those pictures that show the changes that have been made on the face and body.

In a recent publication in Instagram on the wife of Kanye West shared some photos from the past that he called the “jewels” in exquisite outfits that looks.

“II’m organizing my photos during the quarantine ( … ) A lot of good gems here! As you may remember, some of these images? Or burn from the sun that I’m from Mexico,” – commented on in the post.

Who hung a few pictures, which I more shocking is that one sees his face: cheekbones more subtle outline of his small eyes, thinner lips and nose respingada.

Although not stated year, are also listed on a lot that has changed his body. Without a doubt, Lucia silhouette is more common, not as nice as the current one. Her waist was not so good, but came more naturally.

Evolution in clothing Kim Kardashian

Their outfits also changed deeply. Have you noticed his fans because the clothes that the models in the photos are not like your curves like that, as a rule, use now.

Who appears with various models dresses long and short, blouses and skirts, jackets and vests in different shapes and colors even close make-up he wears now.

The photo texts also refers to Tang, who was wounded in the face while on vacation in Mexico. Brand the lens was completely written on his face that caused the laughter to her fans.

In the comments, you said that with these outfits and the images looked much better and more beautiful. “I’ve seen much better than here,” “Before you can dress very well in the past,” “Iconic, you look so cute and innocent”, “What he was a completely different era”, “before you can get dressed much better than you are now. These sets, they’re so cute,” were some of the messages.

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