Alec Baldwin and Hilaria say multilingual education of his four children


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When Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas began to create his family with the birth of his eldest Carmen was very clear that his Rostock, and all that follow must occur freely in their respective languages: English and Spanish. Five years and three suction cups later, both of them can provide, with pride, that they fulfill their purpose.

“Our children, especially in age, fully bilingual. My wife speaks Spanish at home, and Carmen, the school, which offers immersion in the language completely. The concern and passion that my wife and I, too, in two languages, it’s important. We aim to maximise.This is a priority for my wife; the Polish is important,” says a well-known translator in the edition of the Spanish magazine ¡HOLA! USED

In connection with scales, which is tied to the upbringing of their little environment that are very real its roots, can not be a coincidence that they chose to all the names that become recognizable and often in both cultures: Carmen, Rafael, Leo and Romeo.

In the case of Benjamin in the house without doubt up to the last moment, but in the end we chose, the meaning especially for them… and for longer too.

“Before birth, we were not sure. We are thinking Diego for a long time and then we met, and we think, “I’m Not Diego!’. Then we start to think about Romeo. It’s a little different, some people are very positive in this respect, others are a little skeptical, because it’s a name with great meaning. But my husband, the actor and names on their work and their passion; this name. Alexander (second child’s name) is my husband, David is my family. Has three names, so that we can always choose!”, jokes, beautiful Spanish.