Alert United Nations concerning the trafficking of vaccines against covid-19


Alert United Nations concerning the trafficking of vaccines against covid-19

The UN warned that organized crime uses fear and the uncertainty of the virus and have specialized in the transport of medical devices of poor quality or fake goods, take advantage of the increased demand and the shortage of supplies.


The Pandemic the new coronavirus caused a increase the Traffic Masks, Disinfectant and other medical products the poor quality or fakein may, you Risk Your Userwarned today the UN.

The UNODC shows that the offender be released, probably, in the transport of vaccines against the covid-19, developing.

The organized criminal groupsYou can use the Anxiety and the Uncertainty around the virushave specialized in the Traffic this Equipment taking advantage of the increase the Demand and the Supply shortages, alerted to the The United Nations office on drugs and crime (UNODC) in a report.

An international operation coordinated by Interpol from 90 countries to combat the illegal sale of medicines and medical products online has led to 121 arrests around the world, and the seizure of masks defects in the March, for a value of more than us $ 14 million (12 million euros).

In comparison with a similar operation is carried out in the year 2018, Interpol has observed an increase of approximately 18% in the seizures of antiviral drugs is not approved and an increase of over 100 per cent in seizures of chloroquine is not entitled to a Malaria treatment in some countries for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

The UNODC called for a stronger international cooperation, the strengthening of the legal framework, sanctions and training advanced for those in the field of medical products.

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