Amangiri Canyon Point hotel rooms in more than $ 3,500 per night, where you’re on vacation Kylie Jenner

Say money happiness does not give… but also helps in achieving this state immediately (we deceive ourselves). While many of the economic crisis caused by a Coronavirus, the other part of the population on vacation. Kylie Jenner enjoy friends in a luxurious settingand went, showing along this week more than 184 million followers on Instagram. If you can ask where is the young billionaire, to you we say: Amangiri-Canyon point, an exclusive hotel more than $ 3,500 per night.

Disabling absolute in nature

To disconnect from the world, maybe more if you’ll be in a fantastic location, surrounded by nature and with views that will leave you without words. We don’t know the extent to which Kylie Jenner went on vacation to this place, but their images are spectacular.

Amangiri, Utah Kylie Jenner 03

Their appearance did not go unnoticed, because one of her outfits was sold immediately after the opening of the project (Loudbrand Studios).

Amangiri, Utah Kylie Jenner 02

Exclusive hotel for 3,500 dollars (minimum) for the night

Located in Utah, Amangiri Canyon point is one of the most impressive Hotel Chain Likes luxury. Mimetiz√°ndose with the environment, this place stands out by the presence of a good clean, elegant and simple lines. With a pool that rebordea a small canyon, the rooms feature a terrace to protect the privacy of each guest.

Amangiri Oct 19 Diameter 0463 1 0

Exterior (Photo: Amangiri)

Depending on the month, the price of a room ranges from 3500 $ to 10000$. Despite the fact that their location may seem somewhat distant, this place is a 25-minute drive from the town of page (AZ) and a 15-minute drive from lake Powell.

Amangiri Bedroom Suite High Res 2613 0

Each room has a terrace (Photos: Amangiri)

As could not be otherwise, it offers a Spa center, which offers programs with flotation, steam room, yoga and Pilates.

Favorite place celebrities and bloggers, of course

A place of pilgrimage favorite stars, rooms at the hotel welcomed thousands of people. While Emily Ratajkowski spent their honeymoon in this magical place, Kim Kardashian decided to go with Kanye West to celebrate his 37th birthday.

Emrata Amangiri

Emily Ratajkowski starred in one of the pictures of the most beautiful (Photo: Instagram @emrata)

How could it be otherwise, this website is also a favorite place for all bloggers and most attractive RRSS: Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, or Lucy Williams has no doubt to play for their services-so showed millions of their Instagram followers-.

Chiara Ferragni Amangiri

Chiara Ferragni visited this place a few years ago (Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni)

In addition, a few weeks ago that Hayley Bieber turned to Amangiri to get away from it all together, her husband, Justin Bieber (and, thus, we have shown on your account in Instagram).

Main photos | Instagram @kyliejenner

Photo | Amangiri, Instagram @kyliejenner, @chiaraferragni, @emrata