AMLO and Trump kept a healthy distance, if you find yourself in the White house

Donald Trump received in the White house, the President AMLO and in the follow-up of the healthy distance, avoiding a handshake or hug.

Mexico.- The President of the United States Of America (EU), Donald Trumpreceived in the White House Washington, DC-the President AMLOas part of the visit, the date of entry into force of the Treaty of Mexico, the United States and Canada (withT-MEC).

In the follow-up to the healthy distance recommended by the health authorities, the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, the leader asked a few seconds for the cameras and avoid Greeting hand or hugging.

López Obrador and Trump They entered the White house for a private meeting. It is expected that within an hour offered a joint message to the journalists and the media.

In accordance with the agenda issued by the Secretariat of Foreign relations (SRE), leaders hold a first meeting in the Oval Office, the official residence. Then it will be the Cabinet a meeting with the delegations of both countries in the living room.

Some users of social networks and the choice of have highlighted Band AMLOwho for this extraordinary opportunity, for a special design in the colors green and blue, with figures of eagles, the, in the symbols of the country.

The activities of the Mexican President in Washington DC began very early in the morning, when he went to the monument to Abraham Lincoln Deposit a offer as a sign of respect.

Then López Obrador moved to the monument in honor of Benito Juarez, the place where he was received with a show of support by dozens of people. In this space, the President of the federal the Mexican national anthem sang.