AMLO turned the presidential sash

The former President of the chamber of deputies, and the former Ambassador of Mexico to the UN, Porfirio Muñoz Ledocalled visit the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his Speech in the White House in Washington, it was a feat of diplomatic and the tabasco turned to the President band.

In an interview, Muñoz Ledo said that the President of the United States, Donald Trumpin his speech, say what you think but to say what you have; in contrast, Lopez Obrador said exactly what he thinks.

“The lecture and the visit was a masterpiece of diplomatic because Trump don’t talk about what he thinks, but that you should say, swallowed all the offences you have done against the country and López Obrador was the other way around, Lopez Obrador said exactly what he thinks, and I think that what we think of all the Mexicans. Not to forget that the meeting had, in the original sense of the T-CSF, but changed it for a reason, because the non-intelligent support of Trudeau, was the session in a speech on the bilateral, which shows that Trudeau is very smart and he left the scene to discuss in the López Obrador, with Trump’s direct and without any company,” said the Federal Deputy brown.

Muñoz Ledo was of the view that the speech, López Obrador issued “he turned the presidential sash, she did not speak, as the leader of a political party and took a line that we all hoped, not of polarization, but of national unity”.

He remembered that he had been in the making for many presidents to talk, but “I can not say that the discourse is more complete and illuminating than the ear of the President of Mexico in the United States, not wasting a moment to turn to the serenity that voice very well the economic situation, and then went to the bottom of things, of historical grievances is a very important topic, is a phrase that diplomatic”.

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He is of the opinion that the President of Mexico feel, with all the support of the Mexican people and be able to do all the negotiations are fruitful with US, and that you understand that in this time of political, Trump You have to yield to many things that you are proposing to us, because he committed the left really is.

“For me, it was a speech, which leads to very emotional in the background, because it is the history, among the Mexicans, away from the parties and from any kind of influences, the polarize, and what I always I hoped that the presidential sash would be,” said he, as the head of state, his speech was great,” he explained.