And so to tears! Edith Marquez gives you a huge surprise


MEXICO- Edith Marquez this Mexican singer, who has already won the hearts of millions of fans, and his fans, is one of the most dedicated, do not lose the opportunity to flatter for the right driving, not only for its beauty, but also for his unique talent. And always, Edith Marquez uses in their social networks, in order to thank you so much love and such devotion to his person.

And now fans of the singer, surprised by his idol. In an emotional moment, gave cabin, radio, a woman identified as Cecy, was that is the epitome Edith Marquezwhen the call came in. And, to his surprise, is nothing more and nothing less than beautiful Edith. Emotions Cecy was so much that couldn’t hold back the tears, because this is a special moment in life.

For its part, the singer did not miss the opportunity to thank you, not only she, but her fan club in General, for all the support and love that always showed him. And that, really, don’t miss the opportunity to show their admiration for Edith Marquez. Just as in the latter case, in the challenge, which was released in honor of the singer, in which every fan, and she does everything in the team from the contractor.

You can’t stop!

On the other hand, I recently learned that he is more than active. How is new order and new regime of power that has more than excited because it motivates to continue implementing each of the goals. Besides the fact that preparing a new element that promises to be more emotional, to be completely dedicated, who claims that it was his inspiration, mom.

And if all this wasn’t enough, it was a shock and a huge surprise to his followers after the publication of photos, unusual singer, because it shows little wear. However, its fans, do not embellish the natural beauty that it has. Quickly and rebaso over 9 thousand likes. Without a doubt, Edith Marquezpromises big projects that the fans can’t wait to see the compliments.