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United States.- Singer Billy Eilish turned into a worthy representative of generation Z –people born in the 90-ies and 2010– in addition, it is an example for the youth, his personality, irreverent and that does not remain quietly at every injustice. However, diva has now been a trend in social networks and in the MEDIA, after talking about how Justin Bieber influenced his life. But, apparently, almost leads the psychologist. What happened?

But was Billy’s parents, Patrick and Maggie, quiens took part in a radio show Me and Dad Radio Apple Music. In this space, both said that the young man was close to go to therapy because he was “obsessed” with the canadian artist. “We think you’re in therapy, because he felt a lot of pain, he,” – these were the first statements in which he explained that Billy Eilish felt a very intense admiration for Bieber, so they were worried about his health.

When Justin Bieber posted his theme, As Long As You Love Me, the artist, 18 years, gave emotion was so great that hours passed, she was crying and showed it to the father. “I remember very well this movie, and worry, because it was Justin. I just cried and cried!”. Because of this, parents, author Bad Guy acknowledged, believed that the idea that his daughter with the help of a professional psychologist.

Billy Eilish to the limit

First contact in person, they are singers performed at the festival Coachella. In the meeting, both exchanged their thoughts, and there husband Heidi Baldwin declared fan of his music. In addition, it is expected that Eillish had a promising future in the industry. And still not wrong. The young people took part in the ceremony of Academy Awards in Hollywood this year, and blinded him live.

On the other hand, Bieber, which is another chance that Billy is attacks from haters, so he told her a deep thought: “we need to leave, so she did the trick, but if you ever need me, I’ll be for her. I just want to protect it. I don’t wanna lose my way (…) don’t want to miss anything that I had to go I, because I do not wish it on anyone. If you ever need me, just call me.”