Billy Eilish, on the edge of the therapy, the fault Justin Bieber


Billy’s parents Eilish, admitted that the singer was entry point in therapy the fault of the famous canadian singer Justin Bieber and long gone are the days of the great tribulation.

His whole family was very concerned, because Billy was obsessed with Justin Bieber.

And that not only him the edge postersbut didn’t even cry when I saw their music videos.

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From the beginning of her career, Eilish Billy admitted that he was a big fan of Justin and during her maturation was his fourth lot of posters of the singer.

It should be noted that in 2018 at the Coachella festival, and since then they became good friends, and he recorded a Remix of “Bad Guy”, one of the successes Eilish, without a doubt, one of her biggest dreams.

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On the other hand, were the parents of the singer, who argue that moments so difficult that it is the fault of Justin at this time.

Was under ” podcast “Me & Dad Radio“where’s Maggie and Patrick, the parents of the stars, admitted that Eilish came to fight with them for the love that he had in Canada.

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It was a moment that decided that should undergo therapybecause there was something really bothering.

One of the songs, which are more Intrusive than was at that stage, was “As long As You Love Me“the song repeated again and again.

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I remember very well this movie, and worry, because it was Justin. I just cried and cried.”, he admitted.

However, instantly, Eilish interrupted interview because, in his opinion, a very harsh statement about what was done to their parents.

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In addition, Maggie noticed that Billy was a big fan Marina and the Diamonds at the same time, I was obsessed with Bieber.

However, not arrived in the limits of its phenomena as in the case of husband and Hailey Baldwin.