Cameo Ezra Miller in the Arrowverse was made possible thanks to the artist DC


‘Crisis on Infinite’s album brought with it a large number of scenes that had been published when I went out this intense crossover, but it was kept secret by the producers, the actor who breathes life into the Flash movie was a big surprise of the night, and the mind, for the revelation responsible for cameo Ezra Miller in the Arrowverse it came straight from DC comics.

Famous participation has come on the fourth episode of the crossover, which means ‘Arrow’ in the moment when Barry Allen’s Arrowverse begins to look for paragons in different moments in the life of Oliver Queen. Will soon be his opponent, and both of them were surprised, because of the presence of another, I admire his suits and the character Grant Gustin can be replaced, called Flash, that Miller responds surprised, but happy.

To attract a large number of actors were definitely a lot of work, but very worth it to give you the confidence of a crossover and not enough of the famous Flash. During the interview, Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said, is responsible for a cameo Ezra Miller in the Arrowverse, which, as it turned out, Jim Lee, the legendary artist who works as an editor at DC Comics.

“In principle, really worked hand in hand with Jim. From the moment when it became clear that it was a possibility, so we knew that Grant Gustin was cool and I agree with that, and that Ezra agreed, I will send stagehands, Jim Lee and Adam Schlagman and we walked and we came. The trick with a scene that didn’t and didn’t want to do anything that pisase legs movie ‘Fm’ that need to be developed. Then, indeed, we work in pairs. Jim was really cool making sure that all the participants talked among themselves that nothing estancara. Was an animator, when you need to be a diplomat when he was supposed to be. Really make a step forward, in all forms, in which one could do it. His enthusiasm really helped to make this possible,” she said Guggenheim in a conversation with EW.

Of course, a lot of that can be this funny Episode again crazy fans. And it is clear that these words bring is still a big question Whether Flash will take part in the ‘Fm’? Only time will tell.