Carlos Slim, Bernard Gomez, and Carlos Hank catch together in the Embassy of Mexico in the United States

The 11 entrepreneurs are invited to the AMLO on the official visit of President Donald Trump, a group photo in the Embassy of Mexico in the United States.

Mexico.- 11 Entrepreneurs the Mexicans, who are invited to the dinner in honor of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) took advantage to take the official visit Photography Group in the Embassy of Mexico in the United States.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the 7. In July, the Secretariat of Foreign relations (SRE) confirmed that the guests of the political tabasco would be entrepreneurs, including the owners of the three TV channels is the most important: Televisa, TV Azteca and television.

On the photo you shared Patricia Guerra Armendáriz through his personal Twitter account, observed to Bernardo Gómez Martínez, Carlos Bremer Gutierrez, Marcos Shabot Zonana, Carlos Hank González and Olegario Vázquez Aldir.

The centre appears to be Carlos Slim and next to the Ambassador Mexico in the USA, Martha Bárcena, accompanied by Francisco González Sánchez, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the own Paty Armendáriz, while Daniel Chávez Morán, and Miguel Rincon Arredondo are the businessmen in the vicinity of the box.

The Director-General of Financial sustainability is the only woman, the businessman, accompanied the procession of the President AMLOin addition, she has documented with pictures of the official visit in United States Of America through his Twitter account, that at different events Protocol.

In another image Armendariz, Marcelo Ebrard, and the Director-General for North America of the SRE, Roberto Velasco-Alvarez appears to be in the company of Chancellor.