Chris Evans, Lily and James are accounted for on a romantic date in the Park


Famous actors Chris Evans Lily and James do not stop creating rumors of a new novel, and was recently arrested again very lovey-dovey in on a romantic date in the Park in London, does this mean that if there is something else?

One of actors more desirable apparently he ceased to be a bachelorthere is no doubt that the sorrow thousands of people, but I’m glad because I will cease to be such, nothing more and nothing less than favorite actress Lily James.

It came out so that they were kidnapped together twice, the first time when you exit the hotel and today was the second.

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New photographs that have been sent, you can follow Lily and Chris enjoying the meeting in the Park London today.

On some photos it is visible that was eating ice cream at this time, they slept next to each other on the lawn.

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On the other hand, many people don’t know the actress now goes Evans, Lily is British actress 31-year-old man who was in such films as “Cinderella,” “Mamma Mia”, “Baby Driver”, “Yesterday” among other films, the big screen.

And as it remains raging passions of quarantine in the world of Hollywood, for it will be recalled that Eiza Gonzalez had a view recently actor Timothee on the beaches of Los Cabos.

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Without a doubt, fans of Lily Evans and found that happy what happens between these two, and is quickly becoming a trend in social networks.

However, still neither of the two confirmed if it came out or not, but that’s what they expect their followers to look forward to.

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So now we just have to wait if they want something to transfer that to their relationship, but the last few days have been quite visible loving.