Coronavirus. Dog helps to save the in Colombia, in order to maintain the social distance


MEDELLIN. – Eros, of eight years, Jogging through the streets of Medellin several times a day with a straw basket in the muzzle, bring fruit, vegetables and packaged foods to the customers in the market of the future. The dog labrador color chocolate you will be rewarded with snacks and massages on his hairy head.

“Please help us, what is the social distancing“says his owner, Maria birth Botero. “And people like it very much if we sent the dog”.

Eros was not always the star he is now. Steamboat reluctantly accepted that the can stay in the family, after the insistence of his son, they adopt a dog.

But Botero and the rest of the family soon fell in love with the puppies. And if you opened the market four years ago, in the neighborhood of tulips, Eros began to accompany Him and to his children, deliveries of supplies.

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Eros, you don’t know the address, but remembers the names of customers who have previously been rewarded. And to go with the patience of the learned, to the houses on their own.

“You know the names of five or six customers,” said Botero. “I control the market in the basket with a receipt, and pay me by Bank transfer”.

With the cases of coronavirus can reach more than 3,000 new infections per day in Colombiathe municipalities on the introduction of measures and by limiting the number of days per week that people can go shopping.

The workers of the deliveries in a more and more an important part of the economy.

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Eros, does not know that he is a worker much. But is happy to be able to help, your the owner and you collect your pay daily.

“It’s a take is full, when you eat,” says Botero. “It is not to go home until your mecato (snack)”.