Coronavirus, The 8. July. Mexico with the new maximum cases per Covid; sum of 275 thousand


On the 38ten day since the beginning of the “new normal”, Mexico reported 275 thousand 003 positive cases to Covid-19, 6 EUR 995 more that yesterday, as well as 32 thousand 796 deathsan increase of 782, with reference to the previous day.

In a press conference, José Luis Alomía, Director of the epidemiology indicated that 27 thousand making a total of 891 cases until the epidemic is active, is to say that trapped in the past 14 days and can still transmit the virus.

As the city of Mexico, the company with the highest number of active cases, more than 3 thousand, followed by the state of Mexico, Guanajuato, Nuevo León and Tabasco.

He added that it is suspected 2 289 thousand dead and more than 800 deaths and cases, the before occurred in the last 24 hours on dates.

On the Hospital Occupancythe official mentioned that throughout the country there are 29 thousand to comply with 282 beds Covid-19, 15 thousand 947 are available and 13 thousand 335 occupied.

He commented that there are beds, a total of 9 TEUR 658 intensive care or device on a mechanical ventilator for respiratory support, of which 6 thousand and 050 are available and 3 thousand 608 occupied.

Beds General, Tabasco, Nayarit and Nuevo Leon, to maintain the highest occupancy at 86%, 77% and 70%, respectively, while in bed critical, Tabasco, a coverage of 59%, Lower California.54% and Nuevo León of 53%

Here you can see the full broadcast of the conference on cases of the coronavirus in Mexico, the National Palace: