Coronavirus. The covid-19 will be transmitted through the air; WHO is telling the truth


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In front of the Pandemic coronavirus, the discussion about whether this virus can be transmitted through the air. Now, the World Health organization (WHO) They confirmed that, although there is no solid scientific evidence, it is possible that the new coronavirus it can be distributed through the air in places closed, cramped and with poor ventilation.

Experts of the Agency of United Nations speaking in a press conference, according to the 239 experts from 32 countries have warned that the coronavirus could be transmitted through the air, and regretted that it underestimated the transmission of the Corona Virus in the air in the inside.

“We recognize that there is a growing evidence in this area, as in many others, in connection with this Corona Virus. Therefore, we must be open in order to understand these results and their implications on the form of transmission of the virus and the precautions to be taken”, noted the coordinator of the prevention of infections of the WHO, Benedetta Allegranzi.

In fact, it was reported that they are already working with many of the experts quehan started, the warning, and has stressed the need for a confirmation for his hypothesis, and, moreover, to know the dose of virus required infected.

“These fields are The study, which is growing and where there are new findingsbut this is still not final and it is for this reason that the possibility of transmission through the air in public spaces, especially in the condiciones certain confined conditions, closed and with poor ventilation, can not be excluded. But the Evidence has to be interpreted, and we support this process“said the expert, noting that the WHO recommends a sufficient aeration in closed rooms.

Coming soon WHO They publish scientific summation of all the possibilities, which are examined in this moment in regard to the transmission of the new coronavirus. In addition, they work with a “large number” of doctors to consolidate scientists and mathematicians, the evidence.