David Ramsey announced a meeting with the Constantine season finale of the show




Long before he was a regular member Legends of Tomorrow DC, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) debuted in Arrowverse as a guy who had the task to bring Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz) back to earth alive after his body (not his soul), was revived in the Lazarus pit. It seems that this will be the first performance for some time Arrow in the last season of the show, although no one knows exactly what his role there. Photos behind the scenes published in account Instagram actor Arrow David Ramsey shows Ryan and Ramsey have Stephen Amell and Katherine McNamarathat seems to be a forest Lian Yu.

It is not clear whether this is a habit this week, as part of a mega-crisisCrisis on Infinite albumthat is currently on the set, or at some point last season (as the season premiere, which is to publish Ramsey in support or the sixth episode of the season, which was headed by the actor), so nobody knows whether to have all four together here, it means that they do together at any time during the season on the screen.

If Yes, then this will be the first meeting Mia Smok with his father, Oliver Queen”and this may be one of the main, most importantCrisis on Infinite earths for lovers Arrow.

Crisis on Infinite earths hung over Arrowverse for many years. The series premiered The Flash introduced an allusion to the hero who disappeared in the sky the red in the year 2024. During the event, comics, original, red sky was a sign of the end of the world to come to this world for crisis. At the end of last season, several things have happened: The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) which appeared in Elseworldsthere it is again, and found that Oliver Queen” condemned to death in a Crisis … and the future of the newspaper, Lab STAR they are made to divert the estimated date crisis in 2024 in 2019.

Crisis-on-Infinite-his album-2019

Crisis on Infinite album starts Sunday 8 December Supergirlthe episode is passed Batwoman Monday and plot The Flash in this Tuesday. It will be exciting half of the season, as the show stopped while on vacation and return to 14 Jan to complete the Premier event Arrow in the middle of the season, and “special episode” in DC”s Legends of Tomorrow, which is released in the form of a series of mid-season this year and will not be an episode in the air than before the crisis.