Donald Trump called for the re-opening of the schools in the United States and warned that it will cut the funds of those who do not


Donald Trump (Reuters)
Donald Trump (Reuters)

The President, Donald Trump, reiterated on Wednesday his orders to the Re-opening of the schools in the countryshows as an example for other countries moving in this direction, and warned that they could freeze funds to schools that do not increase the decommissioning in August, when she again taught according to the timetable set.

I do not agree with the very hard and cost guidelines of the CDC (Centers for control and prevention of diseases) for the re-opening of the schools. While you want to open, ask for things, the very little practice. I’m going to meet with them,” wrote the Republican leaders on his Twitter account.

The President accused committed the opposition to take advantage of the proximity to politically. “It is important for children and families. I could not cut the funding when they open again!“he warned. He also pointed out that in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries,” the schools are returned, students are given “without any problem”.

Trump, in full re-election campaign for the November elections, promoting the re-opening of the country, in spite of the increase of the infection of coronavirus, especially in the South and West. “Anything you want. The mothers want. The parents want. The guys what you want. It is time to do it,” he said on Tuesday. “We want our schools, we want to open up to you quickly, beautiful in the autumn. We press the whole of the governors and all the other classes continue, “he added.

Trump received in the White house, health authorities and education, experts to press for the re-opening of schools (Reuters)
Trump received in the White house, health authorities and education, experts to press for the re-opening of schools (Reuters)

On the eve, he met with leaders of the health and education in different parts of the country, according to which schools and universities are ready to open this fall, and can do so without risk. They argued that the risk of the students at home, is beyond any risk associated with the coronavirus, because in his opinion, a student must have mental access to food and health services, and behavioral disorders.

However, this bright picture of skepticism sparked among the personalities, to the outside of the White house. The President of the union of the largest educational institutions of the United States, said that Trump are interested in points of view on the November elections, maintaining the safety of the students. “Trump has to be understood as incapable of that people die, more than 130,000 Americans have already died,” said Lily Eskelsen García, President of the National Education Association. “The teachers want nothing more than to be back in the class room and in the universities with our students, but we need to do this in a way that is safe for students, teachers and communities“.

On Monday, the White house said it would not allow to stay of foreign students in the country, when all will be unleashed carried out his classes online due to the crisis, the covid-19, a further measure, tap the back-face-to-face and find, to their electorate with their political anti-migratoria. Several institutions are on the search for a hybrid model of teaching in person and online, but some, including Harvard, have said that all classes will be conducted over the internet.

In Floridaone of the States hardest hit by the pandemic in the last week, the local authorities arranged that, in the next course that begins in August, the state schools will re-open for teaching in person at least five days in the week.” The decree, signed by the Republican government points out that “it is necessary to open, to ensure the school fully, the quality and the continuity of the educational process, the holistic well-being of students and their families, and the return of Florida to its full economic capacity”.

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