during visits to AMLO to Washington

Members of the Family LeBarón traveled to United States Of America this afternoon the manifest in the vicinity of the White Housewhile the President of the country, Donald Trumpmet with the owner of the Federal Board of Mexican, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The LeBarón came in from 14:00 on the square and although we tried to be as close as possible to the White house, some supporters of López Obrador prevented the step.

The family LeBarón suffered in the past year, the loss of some of its members due to an attack organized crime, called on the President to discuss the public safety and victims.

“We do not come to criticism of the journey of López Obrador, on the contrary, what we celebrate, but we come to remind you that the topic of safety is the most important thing for the country,” said Adrian LeBarón during the protests.

The activist brought up the issue of public safety, on the The Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), a document that was the center of the dialogue of the President López Obrador and Donald Trump.

“The T-MEC it is the table is not saved the life, we go through a storm, the flip-boats and covered population. If not to solve the Problem of uncertainty there is no investment that will bear fruit, there are no safe roads. If we do not see that the violence steal productive time and work hard in our future, it is not a trade agreement, we lift,” said Adrian LeBarón.

With this activity, the family LeBarón turned to public demonstrations, in accordance with the coronavirus instead of off a series of protests, which had the implementation of this year in different States of the Republic.