FIU investigated Lozoya and Odebrecht for huachicoleo on the high seas


Four years later, in 2017, the Special Prosecutor for election crimes (Fepade), under the chairmanship of Santiago Nieto (now the owner of the FIU), presented evidence that the compounds of Lozoya at Odebrecht; however, the investigation did not get very far due to the dismissal of Santiago’s grandson.

“It is a case that is symptomatic. Mexico is one of the few countries that does not have the led, until the process each officer connection with the case of Odebrecht. This is one of the reasons why Mexico is in a position so bad in the ranking of Transparency International, the corruption is. We are at the Position 138, i.e., 40 places below Brazil or Peru, which have very much on this issue,” said the owner of the FIU, the journalist Luis Miguel González.

The comparison of the research that James’s grandson has done it with the FIU and, in his moment, he did this with Fepade, the said official, in the Fepade only focused on elections, crime and Emilio Lozoya has been studied, is for the financing of the illegal in the election campaign.

“You had the necessary information for Switzerland, Brazil and the Virgin Islands. The data that we had, is that Odebrecht had paid him to get $ 10 million contracts in the future, was the logic that prevailed in other countries of Latin America, also in Spain, Angola,” he said.

But the work he has done with the FIU has allowed him insight into a network of financial, tax evasion and welfare of embezzlement in connection with the illicit enrichment.

“We have recognized that a transfer of $ 3.4 million of AHMSA to a subsidiary of Odebrecht and from there, stick Holding, in the possession of the Lord. Lozoya. In addition, there are several transfers from the pay of several thousand Swiss francs,” said Santiago Nieto The Economist.