Friends who share your freedom, sensuality and empowerment

Social networks are a great tool that used the stars to demonstrate their skills, talents, weakness, but, above all, their freedom to share photos and information.

Some of the famous people prefer to look at his aspect, as activists, entrepreneurs, mothers, families or just their way of life, as the diaphragm, to show their sensuality without fear of criticism or censorship.

Time the empowerment or the empowerment of women persist, as the term that shows the lives of women in the world.

For some stars, there is no limitations, choose to display “as is” in its official accounts on the Internet.

Sexy, sensual, daring and provocative, as you will find all the days a few friends to greet his supporters and haters they always remain in trend and under the headlights.

Mary Leo

Mexican singer and actress, as usual, to share activities and moments in the house. He likes to give positive news, their sentiments and cards to suit.

“Wet… and not from your kisses. And your affection. The lack of rain water. Nor Holy water. Wet with tears, salty water to fall to my lips, the mind brings…
I close my eyes and I know, know kiss me in the sea, I know the sex… when I open in day light, without them I feel empty. And there, alone, in the middle of me. [email protected] I think its strange I leave wet kisses…,” wrote the singer.

Barbara Regil

The actress was starring most of the novelties of this year. Training virtual shows their personality, which caused many conflicting.

“Life will be the colors you are going to put !!! ? Always trying enfócarte that if you have, not what you lack. Happiness for all”.

Emily Ratajkowski

Since beginning his career as a model, made it clear that she loves to show her natural body in front of the camera. The actress and activist is proud of his body and the freedom that he has to do what he wants inside and outside of the screen.

Michelle Halls

“There will always be light, even though the sky is not clean.”

Paty Cantú

Singer tapatía was the development of social networks, where he shows his creative processes in music, and in their exercises.

“Now for what you managed to pull the head. Reencontrarme and during this period, to be strong, even with my ability, I look at this photo with a smile. Grateful for every song. For every trip. For any training. For every hug that it was hard for me to understand with my heart, but it was written in my head, and I fell asleep SOT yesterday and good memories are better appreciated today. Because even in this state, music, and my search was fair. Because today I understand better than ever where I go and where I come from. Already come…” – he wrote recently.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne was a man who gave more than talk in 2019, him countless times that she appeared in social networks.

The former Disney star, Bella Thorne, I dabbled in the adult film industry, and there is no word “censorship”.

Kim Kardashian

Stars the most influential circles of the day was the reference to the fact that the woman in our time.

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