Grant Gustin: ‘Sad and bad’ if Hartley Sawyer Flash


Today conocamos the message that Hartley Sawyer series The Flash was fired, thus the pilot light, after which come to light all of the poem offensive record that destilaban racism and misogyny. It excompaero distribution Grant Gustinwanted to repeat the situation in their social network: “I will say that I was caught, and entristec enfad when I saw the tweets. Words have meaning”.

Hartley Sawyer wakes up disappointing their tweets

All tweets with Hartley Sawyer was published between 2012 and 2014years before the actor joined the series The Flash in 2017. Though your Twitter account has been deletedan saved screenshots some of their tweets. In them we can read a sentence in which you use sexual aggression like a joke: “In my youth one of my favorite things to do was to kidnap homeless women and amputarles of the breast”, as well as helping with our website racists: “Super Bowl! America! 80% of the population that there are preliminary findings-that African-American!”

Grant Gustinthat embodies Barry Allen / Flash drive in the series, compartments long written application Eric Wallace, The Flash showrunner, in his personal Instagram account, noting that his words about the “strong and stylish”. In addition, posts that were “surprise, sadness and anger” after I saw his tweets excompaero distribution.

“In relation to their accounts in social networks, I have a broken heart and I enfadaron, like a thousand demons. And indicate a big problem in our country“I wrote Wallace. “At present, our country adopts and protects an stop harassment, unconscious or not, terrorized and in respect of persons, black and brownthat too often leads to death. Therefore, our country getting back on its feet again and shouts: “ENOUGH!” and goes to the streets to bring about change”.

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