“I think this is my best year”

With goodbye Alessandra Ambrosio in 2017 and low Lily Aldridge you were pregnantquarry A. more veterans to a minimum. However, before each of them, still in Brazil Adriana Lima, who got into this system in 1999. Talked a lot about her in recent weeks, as it’s not in social networks, and the lack of reference to this parade was he afraid that it will not. However, yesterday came to their testing, and suit, and today HOLA.com managed entrevistarla in backstage in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Showminutes before pisara last time at this podium. A historic moment, because went to the parade one after the screening of the film, which had its best moments. Emotional respect and recognition from the company, which could not hold back tears.

It’s always special to be in the parade, we always said that we will be able to speak with you. How you live, and your participation in this gate pisaste the first time in 1999?

So excited, although not always feel that I want to be every year on vacation, but it’s impossible. I’m still worried. And more, seeing all this, how it works, my pictures, and this year I can’t wait watch sing Rita ora (Rita Ora. I’m a fan of it, and it’s good. I love you, Rita.

Congratulations to live with the amount of emotion and, above all, to be in the parade, so the discussion online over the last few weeks, whether you are or not, because I didn’t say anything about it not you I saw at first fittings.

Don’t know what happened. Is there really? (laughter) Honestly, I was very busy, and there was nothing I could do in my social networks. In the last month approximately, I was very disabled, it’s terrible. But, in the end, I’m here, guys! In addition, I think this year is my best year, and all the different gates, my drawings, no more speeches… I Think it will be very special.

Or is it too different, because they are empty, like Alessandra Ambrosio or Lily Aldridge, two angels more veterans?

First, I must say that each show Victoria’s Secret is different. Obviously, however, will miss people this year. However, there are always girls are very nice and new model, for which I am very excited. Make me think about myself and to remember my first parade which was in 1999. But also have more pressure, as show has a much greater impact today.

In social media, Adriana Lima I would also like to thank signature for years, lived with them. “Dear Victoria, thank you for the world to share their secrets, and, more importantly, not only to give me wings, but also to teach me how to fly. And with all my heart to the best fans in the world! Love, Adrian”.