In India, a man’s face in use, cloths of gold, and brings style to your quarantine

The jewel of Shankar Kurhade weighs 50 grams.

A Employer in India wanted to in the style cuarentena and protect yourself from the new coronavirus (ortho coronavirinae) is commanded to do a mask made of gold the now wears with pride when you head out on the road. Her outfit gained so much popularity that the people find him, ask him posing for selfies.

Shankar Kurhade is the A man wearing a mask made of gold in the state of Maharashtra, in the West of India. The object that calls the attention in full Pandemic COVID-19with the Precious metal, it weighs 50 gramss and has a Cost-3870 Dollar.

Andn India, on Tuesday, there were about 20 thousand dead by the COVID-19. The Land was posted with a million 300 thousand people, 719 TEUR 665 cases. In view of this scenario, stories to spring as Kurhade seems to be bleak, that even though you are not sure that his mask is effective against the virus, with the assumption that the holes for the it is possible to breathe.

“I asked a jeweler about the mask of gold and told me that I could do it. Managed it in eight days. They put small holes, and through them I can’t breathe properly”

Shankar Kurhade, Entrepreneur

Shankar is a company focused on the construction of steel halls for industry, money that leaves enough money to invest in an object of personal protective equipment with these features. He is a man of 49 years with a special flavour with the gold for this reason, it is common to see it on the road with Rings, necklaces and bracelets adorned with the Precious metal.

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While for some people with a mask made of gold it is an unnecessary luxury can ask, Kurhade design after the sightseeing in social networks a Man with a mask made entirely of silver.

The strolling through the supermarket with your mask and he says that when people come over, we stop to have photos with him.

Mask of terror in the Philippines

Other designs of the cloths face You have the attention during the Delivery by coronavirus created by a make-up artist prosético in the Philippines.

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Rene Abelardo is dedicated to make make-up prosético for large film-and TV-productions. The The outbreak of COVID-19 paralyzed, your activities, and be without an income, he managed the production of Mask inspired by horror movies.

The the work of the make-up artist’s manual and because the demand for their products, were made viral on social networksAccount , you already have a team that helps make your orders.

With information from Reuters

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