It was Mario Saenz, skater accused of femicide?

Last year, four months since skater from Mexico, Mario Saenz) surrendered on a voluntary basis to test her virginity for femicide in Victoria, meeting rooms, today his work continues with the opening of the trial, which would start March 30, but the pandemic covid-19 from had all legal actions.

Although there were high expectations a criminal case, which is the case Mario Skateboarder passes without obstacles, the same who, to confirm his innocence, and to prove that there was in the place and time the day that happened in a memorable fact.

Mediotiempo managed to visit what test certified experts which indicate that Mario was never in the hotel where Victory was to last until his death. Will happen next in the criminal process, where desahoguen still Central to the charges, conviction and execution.

Why accuse Mario Saenz?

Victoria participated in a bar in la Majadera 1 September 2017 to celebrate his birthday, Mario was also one of his guests (although they are connected, as a couple, the sentimental, the accused, their relatives and friends denied it).

Mario left in the bar at 20:20 hours to go to his house, it was cleaned by hail, which struck the entrance to his house (Yes, he ceases to see in the video, safety in the home); then, accompanied by son and friends went out to dinner, he was there when the shock has done its job, it affects their reception, because they were forced to raise complaints The Prosecutor’s office.

This report appeared in the day and the hour when the murder was committed in Victoria hotel Novo Coapa. Witnesses say that after the departure of Mario in the bar, she left and after he left the place in society of other people and it showed in the film from the bar, the same as to know about its existence, was removed the Facebook account from the centre of the night life.

Mario is linked as the Prime suspect, because on Whatsapp messages Victoria warned his mother what was left of his holiday in the company of a skater, even after he was no longer in the center of night life.