Karlie Kloss ” and your secret to about abdominal improving


What supermodel Karlie Kloss ” is a Fig. envidiablemente in the form-it is a fact that no one runs. In ‘top’ boasts your body healthy and strong that walk on catwalks around the world, putting that you must agree with the body sinks in the industry, which is dominated by thinness. Perhaps because of this sports company Adidas has decided that Carly was supposed to be part of a new campaign in 2016, named Im here to create.

Adidas opted for you to look at sport from the point of view of women, athletes and artists from around the world, fans fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The campaign, which history shows, objective to overcome several films, very personal, aims to encourage fans of the sport, to show their creativity.

The model put his contribution with a video that shows how it’s their day. A few pictures that prevent us to see his heavy routine in which I could not miss a good entry sports and balanced diet. Because we already know: healthy body, healthy spirit. The slogan that the blonde seems to be very clear.

But, in addition, in the campaign we can see how the model looks better, new clothes Adidas, performs his exercises fitness. Their amazing belly-it is a lot of effort, especially a large domain of the dam, as is shown in their social networks.

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Karlie Kloss is defined as “omnivora fitness’ mantra that leads to where you are. The model is learned, if necessary, to practice all kinds of exercises during their travels, only taking with him his sneakers to run and improvise the table exercises. But in addition, always looking for places to do Pilates, yoga, Boxing, dance, other favorite sport.

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Healthy lifestyle and organic food

But, as recognized, “main”, another important thing to be in good shape is a healthy diet. The model takes care of your diet, through the use of natural foods and healthy, especially for Breakfast, the preferred time of the day. As usual, the choice of protein shakes, green juices, omelettes, eggs, avocado or just plain yogurt and fresh fruit.

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Between the hours keeps your appetite in ralla with ‘snacks’ especially ‘healthy’, like avocados, chopped or hummus in the company of ‘crudités’ vegetables. Their rates are always dishes with light dishes such as salads, and a variety of lean proteins such as salmon, grilled or poached eggs cooked. Rice, quinoa, beans, white fish or steamed vegetables are lacking in your diet daily. In addition, a sushi lover!

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You already know if one of your goals in the new year is an action sports life and a healthy copy of the tips Karlie Kloss. Every effort has rewards!