Karlie Kloss, something more than a pretty face


One thing is clear: Karlie Kloss it’s not on this planet. Practice ballet, bakes delicious cookies are gluten-free, parades for designers, basic and… program. So, the model began in September University to learn programming. Who would imagine that ‘top’ can be a ‘geek’? While their partners is a company in the world interpret or develop his own collection, Carly plant technology.

A new course, and a lot of nerve!, but, faced with Karlie Kloss back to class

Moreover, she believes that women should follow their example. So I developed a program Kode with Klossy with which offers various courses and scholarships for women and girls “will be enamoren programming.” Have a few days open registration period for his latest project: summer camp for Teens aged 13 and 18 years and two weeks, absolutely free.


These courses will be held in three different locations. The first will be in Sept. Louis (from 20 June to 1 July); second in new York (from 11 to 22 July); and finally in Los Angeles (from 25 July to 5 August). To apply, please complete the form and send a video explaining how to use the new ‘super’ programming adquirieras know. All information in kodewithklossy.com

“If you learn to program, or at least to understand well how it works, it opens up a world of possibilities in your career and in life,” said Carly specialized environment Techcrunch in an interview. “We need more women studied computer programming at University and working as developers in all industries. Technology is changing the way the world operates, because companies that do it will have an increasing impact on our lives; it is important that women are part of the equation”.

“People were very excited and very supportive Kode wih Klossy,” he explained. “Ten years ago, there was something strange about that model will get lessons of programming, but, industry, today, is tech friendly. When I started going, all fashion weeks they were something very exclusive. You couldn’t have nothing to say about the collection, designer anyone. Now, desfilo in show what can be seen in streaming in Periscope and open in Instagram. The fashion industry has changed in recent years because of technology.”

Photo to photo, mileage Karlie Kloss

But not everything that was there, Carly that program in Ruby (one of many programming languages used to create websites or applications), showed us on his account in Instagram, as they are from day to day at the Flatiron School, a school which was the aircraft. In ‘top’ shows that your computer is full of codes like food, a healthy Breakfast. And that, as she says, “ever since I started programming, I learned a lot feed the defenders which feed my work in the fashion world. Logs for sediment and symbols, which are guided by what is happening in the world of technology. When I’m in a meeting with one of my clients, I have technical knowledge of how it works, does what I am a strong woman”. Who said that a model is just a pretty face?

Inspiration ‘College

Inevitably, we have to fall into the temptation to look at the ‘looks’ Carly more informal setting, but loaded with styles, of which may apply to the University: backpacks custom, ‘jeans’, jacket… don’t miss photo gallery!