Patricia Armendariz, business woman, reports covenants on investments in Mexico at a dinner with Trump (PHOTOS)


The Director-General for the Sustainable financing and a counselor to the group Banorte described today, from your Twitter account, as the dinner was an entrepreneur from Mexico and the United States held with the presidents of the two countries.

Mexico City, 8. July (However).– Patricia Armendárizthe only Mexican business woman has accompanied the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador the dinner this Wednesday offered Donald Trump in the White House, it is a news reporter who, with the details, he moved the spirit of this meeting, a day of work to be sealed between the leaders of the has become, today, Mexico and United States Of America.

Armendáriz, who is the Director of Sustainable Finance, and Advisor of the group, Banorte, shared on Twitter messages and photos from the meeting, where he stressed that employers and Mexican Americans were determined to be more investment in the Mexican Republic.

“The steel industry in the they he wrote to US with optimism in Mexico,” and attached the photo with the representatives of the sector.

Also reported that the Jewish community congratulated the President López Obrador.

Miguel Rincon, President of the company Bio-paper, said investments in the United States, during the dinner that was conducted announced in the East Room of the White house.

According to Armendariz, the entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helú as the new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada, the T-MEC, as a lot more more complete than the previous one, due to the inclusion of labour rules.

He also claimed that Donald Trump described López Obrador as the “best President” of Mexico had. “It’s hard fat. And very much wants to food, to your country,” would have said, during the evening.

The entrepreneur is a photo in which it is observed to Gretchen Watkins, President of Shell oil, and he said said that announced its “approval of investment” in Mexico.

Carlos Bremen, p languageresident and general Director of VALUE Grupo Financiero.

While manufacturers of milk products, expressed interest in Mexico by the T-MEC.

Patricia Armendáriz together a picture with Bob Swan, President of INTEL, accompanied by the message: “The President of Intel, is investing in Guadalajara“.

In the same way, the CEO of Sempra, Jeff Martin, announced “a very important investment in Mexico“ she said.

The entrepreneur said that during the dinner, the President, López Obrador said that Mexico has the available the foster Investments.

In the chronic Armendáriz from her Twitter account, she described how the menus were. “The menus are hand painted with the two flags,” he wrote.

The menu included tomatoes in the summer with an emulsion of garlic and black cheese comté as an input. The main dish was fillet of striped bass with potato-saffron puree of parsnips and carrots.

As for dessert, the White house biscuits and butter offered to him, accompanied by lemon cream and meringue.

In addition to the official delegation of the Mexican government, 11 other entrepreneurs will accompany the dinner for the Mexican Chief Executive.

The employers who attended: Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Grupo Salinas, Bernardo Gómez Martínez, Grupo Televisa); Francisco González Sánchez, Multimedia group, Patricia Armendáriz Guerr, Sustainable funding; Bremer, Carlos Gutierrez, Group Financial Value; Daniel Chavez Moran, Grupo Vidanta, Carlos Hank González, Grupo Financiero Banorte; Miguel Rincon Arredondo, organic poplar; Mark Shabot Zonana, architecture and construction, Carlos Slim Helú of Grupo Carso, and Olegario Vázquez Aldir, of Grupo Empresarial Angeles.

As the journalist Ached Estevez, the and the entrepreneurs of Mexico and the United States began to the White house a few minutes after 17:30 hours.

During among the list of entrepreneurs who attended are Given Dignes, Director of Oil and Gas, Cabot; Kumar Galhotra, head of operations for North America, Ford; David Abney, president, UPS; Michael Dykes, CEO of the International Association of Dairy Foods; Fred Smith, Chairman of FedEx; next to Leon Topalian, of the steel Nucor; and James Taiclet, Director of the aviation and aerospace company Lockheed Martin.