Pharmaceutical Modern is preparing for the phase 3 vaccine COVID-19 – Televisa News

The u. s. pharmaceutical Modern the preparation for the phase 3 is your Vaccine experimental against the COVID-19, with 30,000 participants in the United States and “remains on track to start in July,” the company said on Wednesday.

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In a note, Modern given that he has completed the study Protocol, in an advanced stage of the process, according to the observations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, in English) and the completion of the production of the vaccine to the stage, while still the phase 2.

After that some of the media in identifying a possible delay in the trial of the vaccine, the chief medical officer of Modern Z / Zak’s, pointed out in the note to remain “focused on the study of phase 3, which remains on track to start in July, less than seven months since the sequencing of the virus.”

Phase 3 is similar to that of a controlled study in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases USA (NIAID, in English) with doses of 100 micrograms of the drug, mRNA 1273 and dose of the randomized, placebo, said the company.

Meanwhile, Modern reported that it has completed the registration of participants of the phase 2, in which there is a group of 300 young adults, and another group of 300 older adults who were randomized to receive two vaccinations apart to get 28 days, as well as dose, placebo, in quantities of 50 or 100 micrograms.

I would like to thank the participants, healthy volunteers, to our partners in the clinical trials, and to the dedicated team of the Modern efforts to complete registration of phase-2 mRNA 1273, our vaccine candidate against the COVID-19″, added / Zaks.

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical company announced that it completed the registration of two groups of advanced age (from 30 persons between 56 and 70 years, and 30 people 71 years and older) in the first phase of the study, whose results “will be posted as soon as they are available.”

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